Dladla Mshunqisi

Dladla Mshunqisi

From cooking food to cooking hits Anele “Dladla Mshunqisi” Dladla, 28, rose to fame earlier this year when he featured on DJ and producer, Benny Maverick’s single titled Memeza.
But that is not where it all started; Dladla Mshunqisi has been setting dance-floors alight, shouting his gimmicks since 2009, just for the fun of it and to entertain people.
He is also heard on Spirit Banger’s Washa Mlilo and Distruction Boyz’s latest offering Omunye, both dance floor fillers. But that is not the only thing he is good at – he’s a whizz in the kitchen too.

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Zanda Zakuza

Zanda Zakuza may have caught many by surprise when she announced herself in the music industry with a bang in 2016, but is now flying even higher with her new singles.

She has released a single titled Hamba which features Bongo Beats.

The song features prominently on Metro FM countrywide.

It has been in top 10 radio charts since it was released in April this year and has only moved to the top 20 recently.

Zanda made a grand entrance in 2016 after she was featured by DJ Mdix in a track titled “Umvulo”.

From there she went on to work with a lot of prominent DJs on song such as Club Controller by Prince Kaybee .

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When music is a ”calling”, many can’t deny its infectious nature, but simply oblige to its astounding effects.

Such is the vocal effect of Nokwazi ‘s powerful and captivating voice as witnessed on Brothers of Peace’s ”Wamuhle”. That stupendous voice enthralled Kalawa boss, Oskido, when he was recording a track with Thandiswa, which, well, led to the remarkable ”Wamuhle”.
Now, Nokwazi who sees her music as more than a career, but ”a calling as well”, has taken her Kalawa connection to a newer level by dropping an album with the label. ”I always knew that I had it (the music) in me and had to share it with everyone…..,” she says.

Born in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, Nokwazi started singing at a very early age. She has recorded with many artists as a session musician, perfoming artist and done acting as well. Discovered by Sizwe Zakho who noticed her vocal talent and subsequently introduced her to the queen of gospel, Rebecca Malope, who she worked with as a backing artist and was featured in some of her music videos as a young girl getting into the industry. She was later introduced and worked with a popular gospel group, Pure Magic.

Her big break came when she moved to Joburg and worked with the legendary Brenda Fassie and Chicco Twala. Her impressive resume includes work with top names such as Stimela, Mattaffix (UK group), Simphiwe Dana, Busi Mhlongo, Thandiswa Mazwai, Bongo Maffin, Simphiwe Dana, Mbongeni Ngema, Duma Ndlovu and many more.
As Thandiswa and Bongo Maffin’s backing singer, she has appeared on big stages in Paris, London, Germany and Switzerland. Among other milestones, she compiled a music piece for the SA held ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 with P.J Powers. She also went on to work with a UK Based Group, Matta Fix (of ”Big City Life” fame), where she was featured on the track ‘Living Dafore’, which had a huge impact on the European music charts.
The artist says the success of ”Wamuhle” did shock her ”although I knew it would make everbody dance. ”You see when you write a song, you don’t really focus on making a hit, but you are in a state of delivering and unleashing what is inside of you, thus making it fun and enjoyable.”

Such is the approach that went into this new album. The set was blessed with production talents such as Oskido, Bruce ”Dope” Sebitlo and Maporisa. She also collaborrated with the energetic Dr Malinga.

Calling her Afro-beats meets soul and Afro traditional music, she terms her ”versatile and accomodative music” AFRICAN. Besides the fact that its pure African and beats of upper-class maskandi, which are fused with dance and soul flavour, ”the sound is immortal and the messages are lucidly explained on each and every song. I’m bringing fire and fun, and everlasting enjoyment to the world of music,” says the singer.

Inspired by most things from everywhere like ”life, love, things that happen in our daily lives. ”I write about anything, but mostly love, like ”Umenzi wezinto” and ”Iinsimbi”, says the musician.
During the same time, Kwazi was busy working on her own album called ”Ilambu”, which is isiZulu for light. The 10-track album is a light version of Maskandi music and is greatly influenced by her Zulu culture and tradition.

Kwazi brings 20 years of invaluable experience and exposure into the South African music scene. She believes that with all the experience and exposure, both local and international, she has something valuable to contribute to the South African industry.

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Simmy Sonini


South African Neo-soul / Neo-folk music artist Simmy has carved out a distinctive position in the music industry. She’s one of the country’s future biggest stars. She has not only performed to thousands of fans, she also writes and co-produces some of her own material.

Simmy started writing music in primary school and composed the songs with her friends who were also her fellow school choir mates at the time, she recalls. “I sometimes didn’t even understand the depth of the words I was putting down on paper, I just wanted to write, compose my own music and sing” she adds. That’s when she thought to herself maybe she actually belongs on stage.

Simmy couldn’t have come on the scene at a better time. As a new generation takes the reins, African roots music is needed more than ever to remind us of the troubled but at the same time colorful & nostalgic pathways of our own history. Her hard-hitting songs touch on modern issues and more personal narratives speaking to life and love in the digital age. Book Simmy : 0813401356

Having grown up in a musical household, her songs on her EP u-Bala are inspired by the legendary sounds of Dolly Parton, Platform One, Brenda Fassie, Soul Brothers and Izingane zo-Ma to name a few. Her sound is fueled by her rich low beautiful vocals & influential instrumentation. “Being born & raised in e-Msinga but at the same time witnessing various street cultures via TV, radio and urban neighboring areas has shaped the way I approach my music, and has nurtured me as a person as well as my craft. I’ve discovered things I would never have if I hadn’t had any of these experiences. It has been a journey both outwards and inwards.” the young songstress adds.

she started becoming a house hold name after working with multi award winning artist Sun El Musician on his album Africa to the World , on songs such as sonini and Ntabezikude

She released her own album as well in 2018 titled Tugela Fairy feat songs like Ubala , Umahlalela and Ngiyesaba

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Nompumelelo Mzobe, affectionately known as Mpumi, proudly admits that not only is the voice on the track hers – she also wrote the song.And the success of Wena has been just the beginning. She recently composed a track called Busa with DJ Euphonik and, from writing songs for others, has just released her own single, Somandla.

Wena hasn’t only opened more doors for the 32-year-old SABC sound mixer, it’s also very close to her heart: the song is about her life and her late father.

Born in Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal, life was a struggle for Mpumi and her four siblings. “My mother worked as a domestic worker so we could go to school,” she says. “I remember I had only one shirt and I had to come back every day from school and wash it for the next day. My father left us when I was a little girl. I don’t even have a picture of him. I think of him as an instrument that God chose to bring me to this Earth.”

“When I was a little girl I used to perform in concerts at primary school,” she continues. “I would go on stage to sing and then go back to class because I was from a very poor family and I couldn’t buy a ticket to see the concert.

“The song, Wena, was very much about him and the things he used to say when I was a little girl. He had faith in me,” she explains.

When political violence hit the area, Mpumi and her family were forced to move to Ntuzuma Township in Durban. Even though life continued to be a struggle and her mother ensured that they were educated, Mpumi never gave up her passion for singing.

“I would join music groups just to sing,” she says. “We would rehearse every day without having been booked for anything – we did it for the love of music.”

Mpumi longed to pursue a career in music. “But that wasn’t going to be possible since we were poor and I only wanted to study and get a job to support my family.”

She enrolled at the Durban University of Technology (then Technikon Natal) to study video technology but after a year, she could no longer afford the tuition.

Forced to drop out, she joined theatre veteran Mbongeni Ngema’s Academy of Performing Arts. Instantly she knew that she had found her calling.

It was a turning point for her. “I was trained to sing like a professional and I realised that I could also actually act. It was exciting. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

However, Mpumi was not yet ready for the fame. There was something important she had to do first – save money and complete her studies.

“In 2002 I went back to school. I had to choose between performing with Mbongeni’s cast and focusing on my studies. I decided to focus on my schoolwork,” she says.

“I knew from there that I was destined for bigger things,” she laughs.

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