L-Tido ft ICE Prince – Fresh & Clean Video Dropping on the 30th May

L-Tido has announced the release of his latest video “Fresh And Clean”. The clip which features Ice Prince is set to drop this week.
“Excited to announce we finally done with the editing of the #FreshAndClean video. We put in a lot of work and I am proud of the final product. Video drops this friday , the 30th of May “, he posted on Instagram.
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Soul Candi Presents Selektor Series – Pretoria Edition

Selektor Series Vol. 1 – Funk Deepstar Malankane Miggs Foreal 

Pretoria, one of South Africa’s capital cities; home to the Union Buildings, Palace of Justice and Old Council Chambers also produced three talented judicators of House Music. Malankane, Miggs Foreal and Funk Deepstar have several very important things in common. They all share the hometown of Pretoria, they’re established and passionate music producers and each have their own disc on the upcoming, debut Selektor Series album. 

This incredible 3-Disc album with personal selections from some of Soul Candi’s top DJs and Producers promises to satisfy all House Heads. Malankane, Miggs Foreal and Funk Deepstar have each taken time to perfect the first edition of Selektor Series and Soul Candi is sure that this “Pretoria Edition” will make Tshwane and the rest of South Africa proud!

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CUEBUR Rising The Soul Candi Flag International

Cuebur recently performed at NOMAD in London and Paris’ Djoon;

South Africa’s rising superstar is breaking borders, pushing boundaries and sharing his rooted house beats with an international market. Popular DJ and Producer, Cuebur, known for his collaborations with Da Capo, Shimza, Kid Fonque, Marissa Guzman, Andyboi and Thandi Draai (to mention but a few) has massive things developing in his bright, music-filled future. From a global release with Soul Heaven/Defected to proudly supporting the future beat breakers, this Soul Candi artist is heading for the top. To catch up with past stories of Cuebur, visit the Soul Candi website http://soulcandi.co.za/index.php/news/cuebur-fever/.
Releasing Globally on Soul Heaven/Defected
 As of the 18th of May, Cuebur’s album “For Headz Only” was released globally on Defected Records’ sister label Soul Heaven. The album includes the tracks “No Doubt” featuring Marissa Guzman and “I See You”” featuring Grammy-nominated Vikter Duplaix. For more info on the album and its release with Defected check out this write-up on the Defected site:

Following the success of his global release with an international label; Cuebur has been receiving widespread attention. He had the opportunity to share his story on DJ Edu’s Destination Africa BBC 1 Xtra show which was a great honour for him. You can listen to the interview here – http://defected.com/news/cuebur-radio-1xtra/.
Andre Lodemann does a Remix of “I See You” Feat. Vikter Duplaix
Cuebur’s first single released on Soul Heaven is the beautiful “I See You” featuring Grammy-nominated Vikter Duplaix. Always being a huge fan of Andre Lodemann, it was a great privilege for Cuebur to have him remix a track of his. Both the original and the Andre Lodemann Remix are now available on Traxsource. http://www.traxsource.com/title/316423/i-see-you
Cuebur Named SCIM Ambassador
Beyond the international attention and exciting collaborations Cuebur still proudly waves the South African flag and is a strong believer in contributing to the growth of local House Music. The Soul Candi Institute of Music recently named him their official ambassador enabling Cuebur to share his personal experiences and expand the House industry to those who were previously unable to access it.
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5FM radio personality, DJ and overall music enthusiast, DJ Warras was put in the hot seat to answer a series of questions.  
The city I rep is: JHB
Radio is my passion because: I was born to do it.
If I wasn’t in radio I would be: in TV.
The motto I live by is: Be yourself
I ate this for lunch yesterday: Mini Gatsby.
My favourite musician at the moment is: Heavy K
If I could be any rapper in the world just for a day it would be: Lil Wayne
When no one is looking I secretly: Stalk Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber’s Instagram.
The dumbest pick up line I ever got from a lady was: some old woman said : “I like you
for my daughter, but she’s not here.”
Groupies are: a necessary evil.
The best adjective to describe my personality would be: Loud
The local hip hop industry is: growing.
Cassper or AKA? Both
Boity or Beyonce? Boity. 
When I’m not on radio my favourite past time would be: My cars
My dream car is: Nissan Skyline GTR – Nismo edition.
Winnie the Pooh doesn’t wear pants because: he doesn’t have a tollie or a bum. What’s the point?
The best piece of advice I ever got that helped me in the industry was: Do you, if it works – you’ll never run out of ideas.
The rapper with the greatest potential this year would be: Maggz
Favourite song at the moment is: ’Believe Me’ – Lil Wayne & Drake
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CAN WE EXPECT LEVELS?AKA posted the image on the left on twitter where his popping champagne. He went on to announce the completion of his album. He also gives a shout out to all that helped him put it together. Should we expect #LEVELS?AKA has released his 1st hit single Congratulate from his new album titled “Levels”. Congratulate has been listed on various radio station around S.A. AKA has dropped the music Video for Congratulate and it is ranked in the top 5 most watched SA video’s…

 Watch it below:
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Lulo Cafe ‘s Gig Guide – 29th May – 2nd June

He’s an award-winning house music DJ with the power to melt hearts and make people move.Lulo Cafe is also a businessman and all-round good guy. The above picture shows all the night spots where this deep sounds DJ will be holding it down and make party people dance.
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Media Release from Cashtime Life / Cashtime Entertainment: 

Social media and Twitter in particular has the ability to give a voice to rumor mongers; anyone with an agenda can use those 140 characters and a hashtag to start a negative rumor about anyone or anything without giving a second thought to how this will impact the lives of those targeted.
On 21 May someone on twitter started a rumor about K.O having HIV/AIDS after K.O posted a picture of himself at an event, the picture shows K.O to have lost weight. Now those that follow K.O on social media would know that K.O has been working out and even taken cycling as part of his exercise regiment and added to that he is a clean eater and thus the weight loss. The rumor spread quickly on social media and before long K.O’s health status was trending, and some people turned it into a big joke and openly laughed about it. Sad really given that HIV/AIDS is no laughing matter and these actions only worsen the stigma around the disease.

A day later K.O responded by posting this note on twitter and Instagram:
Much like my Maker, I have an incomprehensibly forgiving heart. See I get it! The intrigue around who I really am and the life I lead off camera is heightened each time I do good in the game.
Thing about paddling lies is that falsehood doesn’t eventually become truth – no matter how hard the most spiteful of hearts desires. A lie yesterday is still a lie tomorrow and beyond. Lies just like the truth, do not change.
So I forgive you all for stirring up false info & inaccurate speculations about my health (LOL and calling me names). Oh and thank you for spectating, but I’m sorry there’s no story here. Bless.

This did not quell the rumors, if anything it seemed to have put poured petrol onto the fire. To kill the rumor once and for all; yesterday K.O took an HIV test and posted the results on twitter and Instagram. This I not the first time K.O posts his results, for the last five years K.O has been testing twice a year and he has shared his results in the hopes that he will inspire more young people to get tested.
It is indeed sad that some of our people take HIV/AIDS as a joke when the country has once again the highest infection rate in the world. Let us use our collective voice to fight this ignorance and the stigma around the disease.
See Caracara by KO and Kid X: 

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DJ Clock & Beatenberg CD Launch @ Zone 6 Soweto

The gentle strumming of the guitar strings calls out gently, teasing you out of your chair and on to your feet. Then comes the dramatic thump and drumming so characteristic of South African house music … and then a smooth, crooning voice joins in on the melody. Pluto, arguably the biggest song in the country right now, is a unifying dance floor filler and It song of the radio waves by newcomers Beatenberg in collaboration with DJ Clock.

 Pluto became the second most downloaded song from the local iTunes store four months after its release and has remained in the top 10 since. And it has received more radio airplay than any other song – local or international – for the past couple of weeks, according to Entertainment Monitoring Africa. It is definitely a coup for DJ Clock and the three members of Cape Town-based Beatenberg: Ross Dorkin, Rob Brink and Matthew Field. But it almost didn’t happen.
Universal Music label executive Neil Sinclair first suggested the collaboration. “He’d read an interview we had done before where we mentioned that we love South African house music,” says Beatenberg drummer Brink. A couple of names came up, but the band settled on DJ Clock as they were already fans of his. The Durban-based DJ and record producer is probably most well-known for his 2008 mega-hit Umahambayedwa.
“We were super excited just to meet him,” says Dorkin, who plays bass. But when that happened, the collaboration almost collapsed.
“I think there was a little bit of miscommunication,” says Field, the band’s guitar-playing vocalist. “We had another song that we had recorded and when we met him and played the song for him, he said it was great but there was nothing for him to add on it.”
The band had flown to Johannesburg for what was supposed to be a recording session, but returned to Cape Town without having recorded with Clock. It would eventually happen at a later stage after the record label intervened. This time, everything would be done from scratch – no pre-recorded songs, just the band and Clock in the studio, where they would create the foot tap-inducing magic of Pluto in the space of 24 hours.
The relatively unknown Beatenberg acknowledge that the collaboration with DJ Clock has been a mutually beneficial career move, especially in terms of making music in a deeply segmented market where crossover hits – let alone artists – are quite rare.
“With Pluto, we got to have a number one song on Metro FM and Clock got to have a number one song on 5FM.”
Similarly, Durban pop band The Arrows were really only known to pop music fans before being thrust into a broader mainstream consciousness through their collaboration with producer DJ Kent on Spin my World Around. Although the band makes it clear that Pluto had long been recorded when Spin My World Around was released, there is no denying that it replicates the magic collaborative formula of the 2013 hit.
Not all are destined for number one spots, but at the very least these types of collaborations expose artists to new audiences. In a recent interview, the seasoned DJ Clock admitted to being forced to “go corporate” to find a new audience.
“It was interesting for me because we kind of feel that we are the ones who have gone ‘corporate’,” says Brink, though Dorkin says it has worked for the group and the producer.

DJ Clock and Beatenberg are launching The 4th Tick album in styleon the 31st May in Soweto Zone 6 ft some of South Africa ‘s best , including the likes of Bantu Soul . Alaska , Tzozo , Cassper Nyovest and more.

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Trey Songz joins 2014 MAMA line-up!

Grammy-nominated superstar joins sizzling MAMA lineup…

May 26, 2014
MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) has revealed that Grammy-nominated international R&B star Trey Songz will be joining an electrifying entertainment line-up at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014 alongside R&B superstar Miguel, hip hop game changer French Montana, Nigerian sensations Davido, Flavour and Tiwa Savage, and South African hit makers Mafikizolo, Uhuru, Oskido and Professor.

The MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) KwaZulu-Natal takes place at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC), on Saturday 7 June and will be broadcast around the world on MTV, MTV Base, BET International and affiliate stations. Stand-up comic, film and television sensation Marlon Wayans will host the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards brought to you by KwaZulu-Natal Province and supported by Absolut and the City of Durban. South Africa Tourism is also a key partner to the awards.

Award winning R&B star Trey Songz is a chart-topping Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, producer and actor whose crowd-pleasing blend of hip hop, R&B and pop has spawned ten years of inspired R&B magic including the Grammy-nominated “Can’t Help But Wait”, club banger “Say Aah”, the sultry “Invented Sex”, “Bottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)”, the #1 single “Can’t Be Friends”, and chart climber “Na Na”. His 2012 album “CHAPTER V”, the follow up to “Passion, Pleasure and Pain” (2010) was released in August 2012 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts with chart-topping singles including “Heart Attack” and “Dive In”. Trey’s sixth studio album “TRIGGA” is due out later this year and promises to be his most personal album to date.

Commented Trey Songz, “I’m excited to finally be going back to Durban. I went once just for a day but this time I’m spending more time to get to know the people and the culture. I can’t wait to perform at the awards show, especially since it’s live for the first time ever. It’s going to be amazing to feel the energy when I’m on that stage and see some of the best talent that Africa has to offer.”

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa, “We are thrilled that Trey Songz will be joining the stellar line-up in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal on 7 June, and contributing his own signature R&B style to the wide range of music genres represented at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards.”

Celebrating musicians and achievers who have made the most impact on African youth culture throughout the year, MAMA 2014 will, for the first time ever, premiere LIVE across Africa on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) and MTV (DStv Channel 130) at 21:00 CAT. The show will be amplified on radio by media partners Gagasi FM, Yfm and Capricorn FM.

Nominees from the length and breadth of sub-Saharan Africa are represented in the nominations for this year’s music categories, including 2Face, AKA, Amani, Amr Singh, Anselmo Ralph, Arielle T, Beatenberg, Big Nuz, Burna Boy, Chidinma, Clarence Peters, Danny K, Davido, Diamond, DJ Buckz, DJ Clock, DJ C’ndo, DJ Ganyani, DJ Kent, The Arrows, Donald, Don Jazzy, Dr Malinga, Dr Sid, Efya, Espoir 2000, Fally Ipupa, FB, Ferre Gola, Flavour, Fuse ODG, Gangs of Ballet, Goldfish, Heavy K, Ice Prince, JD, KCEE, Khuli Chana, Kyle Lewis, LCNVL, Lizha James, Mafikizolo, Matthew Mole, May D, Mi Casa, Michael Lowman, Nakhane Toure, Nelson Freitas, Olamide, Oskido, P Square, Professor, The Parlotones, Phyno, Radio and Weasel, R2bees, Sarkodie, Sauti Sol, Shortstraw, Stanley Enow, Tiwa Savage, Toofan, Uhuru, Wizkid, Youssoupha, Yuri Da Cunha and Zakes Bantwini.

In this year’s newly introduced lifestyle award categories, Chimamanda Adiche, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Trevor Noah, Lupita Nyong’o and Yaya Toure are nominated for Personality of the Year. Clarence Peters, Leti Arts, Rasty and Anisa Mpungwe are nominated in Transform Today by Absolut. The nominees for Best International Act are still to be revealed.

With hundreds of thousands of votes already cast, public voting for 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards continues online at www.mtvbase.com until midnight on 4 June 2014. The winners of the MTV Base Leadership Award and Best Video are chosen exclusively by MTV Base. Voting for Song of the Year continues up until the show on 7 June.

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