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Bucie Hits The Road

Song bird Bucie has dumped her record label Demor Music over a financial dispute.

The Singer real name is Busisiwe Nqwiliso, Has left her former boss Demor Skhosana, high and dry.

Bucie is known for her hit songs ‘Get Over it ‘, ‘Super man ‘ and recently ‘Easy to love’. Apparently, reasons for the split revolve around money and marketing complaints,

Sources close to the pair say Bucie had a nasty argument with Demor. Bucie was Gatvol because Demor didnt market her material well and used her as his cash cow. She felt Demor was taking her on a different musical path.

Demor has confirmed the split, saying ” Its fair for me not to run away from the truth, yes Bucie is no longer my artist and doesnt want to sign a new contract. At the moment we are finalizing formalities of releasing her.

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Aricle Source:Sunday Sun

Bucie ‘s New Album

 Bucie real name ‘ Busisiwe Nolubabalo Nqwiliso ‘ is one of the house hold names when it comes to house music vocalist, She has proven herself countless times from the single that rose her to fame ‘super man’ ft the talented Black Coffee and to her recent hit ‘ Easy to love ‘ ft no other than new kid on  the block Heavy Khusta. 

The talented Bucie is busy putting final touches to her upcoming release of her 4th studio album, singing sensation Bucie continues to create a stir in the local music industry.

Speaking on Morning Live on Wednesday morning, Bucie says she is humbled by the reception she receives when she performs.

“It humbles me because when I do music I’m doing it for the people. So the fact that they actually accept the music and they relate to what I’m talking about – to me it’s a blessing and it’s something that I never really get used to feeling. I love it.”
She describes her genre as “afro soul house music”, saying that it represents everything that is African including their music and their rhythm.Speaking on one of her hit singles Get Over It, she says it’s always easy to sing about something that you know and understand, which in turn makes it easier for people to resonate with.
Bucie’s 4th studio album will be released next month.

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