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Selaelo Selota

Selaelo Selota

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Selaelo Selota was born and grew up in the Nothern Part of South Africa near Polokwane,The talented artist went to Karabi High School in Moletije, Limpopo.

After high school, Senaelo did not have enough funds to further his education, and therefore he got a job in gold mining. At work, he got exposed to traditional songs and dances from his co-workers who were from other South African tribes. After three years, he moved to Johannesburg in search of greener pastures. There, he worked as an usher at The Market Theatre, and later, he worked at Kipizz Jazz Club as a cleaner, and there he learned from the musicians who were performing at the club.

In 1988, Selaelo Selota bought his first guitar while studying at FUBA academy, and in 1994 he got into the University of Cape Town’s College, where he majored in Jazz Composition and Arrangement and graduated in 1997. While teaching Jazz at FUBA Academy, Selota worked with Shell Road to Fame in 1992 and 1993.

Selaelo used to play with his first band in The Market Theatre and also did gigs with the renowned Ghana artist, Gorge Lee, and Anasi. The African star formed two bands, Meropa, which he formed in 1995, they played at Grahamstown Festival Fringe. In 1996, Selaelo formed a band, Taola, who made several appearances on television and performed at the University of Cape Town Jazz Festival and at the Siecle Music Festival in Nantes. Selaelo joined the UCT Big Band as a soloist and composer due to his growing reputation, and in 1996, he was appointed as one of the guitar teachers in the University. In 1998, the South African artist featured on the Debut CD of Frank Mallows and Brydon Bolton, Adamastor-The Spirit of Table Mountain. In early 1999, Selota performed with the quartet at the Blue Note’s ‘Cape Town Salutes the Guitar’ event. Later, Selaelo got sighed into the BMG Africa by Dave Thompson, the Marketing/A&R Director of the record label.

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