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AKA TV Set Premiere on the 8th May

The Supa Mega AKA is Set to bring you AKA TV.A digital Channel that will be accessible via an App that you will be able to download.The AKA TV will show AKA ‘s Documentaries, New Music, Music Videos and more. Its set to premiere on the 8th May. make sure you get the app because we know the Mega does not disappoint.

AKA said this move was a game charger in the industry, no South African artists has ever done it before. He will be paving way for a lot of artists to start their own TV channels. He says now more than ever content is valuable and should not just be shared for free. So from now on if you want to watch any content from AKA, you need to subscribe to his TV channel.

Kiernan also mentioned that he has been away from social media just so his fans can miss him. And thus creating hunger for content from the mega. And with the corona pandemic that has hit the world, digital content has just increased in value. Because majority of people are at home and are hungry for content.

To Book AKA, Booking AKA: booking@djsproduction.co.za / 0813401356