JazziDisciples  , They are Alexandra born musicians, Tumelo and Josiah,  Amapiano duo that is paving the next sound in this genre. A sound that sees the genre being stretched beyond its current creative limits, with more experimental instrumentation and a beautiful youthful vigor that seduces your curiosity, allowing you enter a world of authentic sounds with textures that are undeniably South African . Bafana Ba Numba is what they are more famously known as in the Amapiano lifestyle, and that name carries their truth and highlights their significance as purveyors of the genre, and to be quite honest, the Amapiano culture as a whole.

JazziDisciples is not just a music duo, they are shapers of culture, curators of vibes and lifestyle pioneers that are providing a soundtrack to the life and times of township youth in Johannesburg. When speaking of progressive youth culture in South Africa, many of us fall into the trap of assessing everything using one lens, and we blindly fall into the trap of documenting and selling South African youth culture in a very Braamfontein-esque way – which, in my opinion, is very wrong, but hey, to each his/her own. We need to dig deeper into black culture and document the brilliance that we have buried in our townships. Young people turning strife into fortune, making something out of nothing and painting a genuine picture of what South Africa is really like. Music is the driver for change in the hood and a tool of unity for black youth from e’kasi. Abafana be numba bayay’shaya ingoma!

For Booking Jazzidisciples : Bookings@djsproduction.co.za / 0813401356

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