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Tebogo Patience Sedumedi better known as Aus Tebza is one of south African jewels.She’s one of the first few women in SA to be known for rocking a musical in strument. “She is a bass player of note”, some would claim. Some call her the funk mistress,groove master and bass queen. My interest in music has been evident from childhood. My moms says I could sing to every song that came on tv at the age of 3.

The funny thing about all of this is didn’t grow up in a musical environment. This is why I proclaim its all God given!!! I persued music full time after I had to drop out of Varsity due to financial constraints. I worked hard and opened an all girl band called DEEVA and also started performing with other local bands. Then an opportunity came for DEEVA to work with HHP for a year! When restructuring of HHP’s band took place, I was aked to stay and that’s how all other things began.

I worked with Gang of Instrumentals,Rae,Maxhoba. And did numerous sessions for other well known artists. She’s done theatre as well. Aus Tebza is the first female in SA to be in a houseband for Channel O *wards 2009,South African Music awards for 2011 and 2012,Houseband for the RESPECT show on SABC 1. Aus Tebza has shown her charisma to the other countries like Botswana,Swaziland,Nigeria, Germany,USA etc. You can sure expect her to be around for a long time as she’s busy working on her solo project,recording with her female band Deeva, recording with her rock band Kite rider.

She’s also gonna be trying her hand on production. Watch out for this rising star! Like one of her fans shouted “You are satr shining through the sun”

Aus Tebza bookings: booking@djsproduction.co.za / 0813401356

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