He has landed himself a new challenge and will be hosting one of Mzansi’s hottest dance competitions, Stumbo Stomp Amapantsula.

this is what ifini had to say about his new show: “It is something different for me.

“The producers called me and said they’ve watched my music videos and that they wanted me to host the show.

“I was surprised but also excited. I even asked them if they were sure they wanted me as the host.

“I have never imagined myself hosting any show, but after shooting episode five I thought maybe I could do this presenting thing.”

He said he had very little rehearsal time.

“I had no choice but to be me but I have learnt a lot on the show.

“I think I appreciate isipantsula even more now. I have respect for it,” Ifani said.

He also said that he will be releasing his last hip hop song next month.

“I feel like I’ve done it all in hip hop. I’ve done the funny side, the emotional side, the MC, the lyricist and the dancing so now I am moving on to a different genre,” theShake hitmaker said.

“I can’t reveal what I’ll be doing next but people will know after I’ve released my last single.”

His debut album, I Believes in Me (1st Quadrant), won the best rap album award at the Samas in May.
Catch iFani on Stumbo Stomp on SABC1 tomorrow at 6pm
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